The effects of snail mucus on the skin

A cure for everything?

Snail mucus is considered a valuable substance in dermocosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations. It is a powerful anti-aging agent, essential in delaying skin aging, and has antioxidant and anti-radical properties. Snail mucus is a natural exfoliating agent, it removes dead cells and stimulates tissue regeneration. The set of its ingredients (collagen, elastin, allantoin, vitamins) causes a strong reconstruction of the epidermis on scars, stretch marks, spots and acne marks. Snail mucus is an effective remedy for blemishes and discomfort. It prevents and reduces fine lines.

The recent discovery of the properties of snail mucus, already begun in the 1960s, paved the way for a real revolution in the world of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

In fact, important research and clinical tests have today confirmed that, thanks to the synergistic action of its natural ingredients, snail mucus has proven to be a real product of completely natural beauty. It is also a very strong ally in the care and well-being of skin and hair, more and more often recommended by dermatologists around the world.

Recent studies from several European universities have established what the ingredients of this wonder substance are, also determining the relative selective points of application.

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