Snail mucus


Properties of snail mucus

The beneficial properties of this extract have been known for a long time – the inhabitants of various continents used it as a medicinal product centuries ago. Even today, it is one of the precious ingredients in many cosmetics. Why is snail extract so valuable?

After more than 3 years of work we are finally able to obtain a unique production method declared CRUELTY FREE which guarantees the ANALYTICAL REPEATIVITY of the product quality, with very high concentration values ​​of the active ingredients and with total bacterial load values ​​lower than 10CFU / g.

The characteristics that identify our snail mucin are:

  • Very high concentration of the Active Ingredients contained in the Snail Slime (see attached analysis).
  • Total bacterial charge lower than 100CFU / gr (Other Specifications are lower than 1.000CFU / gr and on average our analyzes are lower than 10CFU / gr).
  • Natural preservative Potassium Sorbate in constant doses equal to 0.2%, usable both for cosmetic use and for ingestion use.
  • Traceability of the Product which will always be accompanied by a complete Certificate of Analysis of the Production Lot carried out by an ACCREDITED Laboratory.
  • Daily production capacity of about 50Kg

Annual recurring analyzes on heavy metals will be carried out on the raw material and on the culture medium.

Snail secretion and its composition

Fernando Bascunan Ygualt began his research on the mucus secreted by snails – it was their effects that proved the beneficial effect of snail secretion on human skin. For the animal itself, it is an effective way to protect and regenerate the delicate body that is susceptible to damage in contact with rough ground. Snail mucus has a similar effect on human skin. The unusual properties of this substance are due to its composition.

Numerous studies on snail extract prove that its composition includes many substances that have a beneficial effect on human skin. The most important of them are: collagen, elastin, allantoin and glycolic acid. They are the main factors responsible for the regenerating, moisturizing and firming effect of snail mucus. It also contains natural antibiotics that kill bacteria that cause skin infections, and vitamins A, E and C that nourish the skin and promote its reconstruction.

MUCOPOLISACCHARIDES: protective, regenerating for the dermis, skin and hair.

snail mucus inci secretion

The elastin in the snail’s mucus repairs the skin and restores its balance

They make up the largest percentage. In contact with water, these substances swell to form a natural gel, a kind of skeleton with very important functions. It retains water for a long time on the skin, causing an intense and long-lasting moisturizing effect (“reserve” water).

It has the function of supporting the tissues, helping to maintain the constant extracellular turgor of the skin. Thanks to its complex mesh structure, it allows easier transfer of all other valuable ingredients that are dissolved in it. Thanks to this, they are absorbed deep into the epidermis, where they can perform their functions of nourishing, cleansing and regenerating the skin or epidermal cells.

It also acts as a protective barrier against external factors (cold, pollution, dry air, microorganisms). The resulting film protects and regenerates the skin.

ELASTIN: regenerates and repairs the dermis.

Another very important protein of the dermis from which the name comes from.

Perfect for skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity due to external factors, internal deficiencies over the years, pregnancies and excessive weight loss in a short time. Thanks to the intervention of this structural element, it is able to regain its natural elasticity. Everything happens quickly and without resorting to surgery with absolutely natural results. It is also supposed to protect and restore the physiological balance of the dermis.

GLYCOLIC ACID: a natural remedy for cleansing dead cells.

snail slime mucus

snail mucus naturally exfoliates dead skin cells

Its exfoliating effect removes dead cells. Thanks to this, it allows the remaining substances contained in the snail’s mucus to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. It also has the ability to stimulate the production of endogenous collagen and elastin by fibroblasts. It performs irreplaceable work, restoring the balance and elasticity of the skin and preserving its youth over time.

COLLAGEN: skin hydration and maintenance.

The main protein of the dermis, it has a supporting, protective and anti-stress function, maintaining the hydration and physiological well-being of the skin. Cooperates in repair processes and maintaining tissue tension. Applied externally, it also acts as a “natural filler” to minimize wrinkles.

ALLANTOIN: has healing and anti-aging properties.


allantoin in snail mucus

Allantoin in snail mucus acts against free radicals and moisturizes

Allantoin in snail mucus acts against free radicals and moisturizes
By helping to counteract free radicals and stimulating cell proliferation, it speeds up the healing of minor skin lesions, from superficial cuts to minor burns. It is necessary to slow down the aging process. It also has moisturizing and mildly anti-inflammatory properties.

PEPTIDES: heal and anti-inflammatory.

They have multiple and essential effects, they are certainly the most valuable and least characterized components of snail mucus.Peptides in snail mucus and their anti-inflammatory effects
The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of snail mucus can be attributed to the action of these molecules. Of course, the complexity of the natural product has not yet allowed the full characterization of this type of molecule.


Vitamin A has a strong antioxidant effect together with Vit. C, which in turn also stimulates the production of collagen and makes it difficult to destroy it. It helps in maintaining healthy tissues. This is especially important in delaying cellular aging and keeping the skin young and soft over time.

peptides in snail mucus

Peptides in snail mucus and their anti-inflammatory effects

Snail extract and its use

Cosmetics containing snail secretion, listed in the INCI registers as Snail Secretion Filtrate, entered the market only at the end of the 20th century. Today, however, they are readily used all over the world, which is influenced by the proven effectiveness of snail extract. Bactericidal, antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating effects encourage the use of preparations with an extract obtained from animals specially bred for this purpose.

snail slime inci asia secretion

Snail slime treatment in Asia

Snail mucus is effective, among others in the fight against acne and scarred skin. It is part of regenerating creams with snail mucus and anti-wrinkle creams, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the amount of which in the skin decreases with age. It is also used in cosmetics whose task is to accelerate the healing of epidermal damage and wounds. Snail secretion also effectively soothes irritations and inflammations, reduces erythema, removes dead epidermis, smoothes and nourishes the skin. Its effectiveness is also confirmed in the fight against discoloration and pigment changes. This ingredient is widely used not only in anti-wrinkle creams, but also in regenerating and nourishing creams, in serums, elixirs, and even in cosmetics intended for hair.

It is worth remembering that the best cosmetics containing snail extract use the substance in its purest form, containing the maximum number of active ingredients. The expected effects can also be achieved only by a sufficiently high mucus content in the preparation.

Our company specializes in the production of cosmetics that use the effectiveness of mucus obtained from snails. In combination with other valuable ingredients, it allows you to achieve the expected anti-aging and regenerative results. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Snail Mucus extraction method

The snail mucus is obtained using an innovative technique of operation, which allows the preservation of the valuable properties of the collected material and its active ingredients. The method of extracting mucus from the snail with the use of ozone is less stressful and invasive for molluscs than the previously used treatments using salt or vinegar. Snails do not suffer any biological damage during extraction (CRUELTY FREE)

snail extraction method

CRUELTY FREE extractionn method

This method is therefore not harmful, and after using it, the mollusks return to the farm, feeding on plants. An additional advantage of using ozone in this process is the immediate purification of the obtained extract and the elimination of all harmful microorganisms, molds and bacteria on the snail’s skin, which in turn translates into the quality and longer life of the collected substance. Well-fed and irrigated molluscs can be extracted several times. Carefully selected individuals are firstly sprayed with a mixture of osmotic water and ozone for 30 minutes, and then stimulated to produce mucus by nebulization with a natural solution.

As one of the few companies, we have numerous certificates and certificates confirming that our method is CRUELTY FREE.

This is the only method that thoroughly cleans snail mucus to its pure form, leaves the most active ingredients and at the same time guarantees the continued life of the mollusks.

Snail farm

Our family company Aspersa Snails International breeds Mediterranean snails of the “Helix Aspersa Muller” type in Poland and Italy. It is an outdoor breeding method in fenced plots. The method consists in introducing snails intended for multiplication into the marked out plots.

Due to the better climatic conditions and the quality of the snails grown, we decided to obtain the slime of snails in Italy, transferring them directly from the field to the laboratory located in the green enclave of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Snail mucus is obtained from fully mature and healthy snails that grow up in a completely natural environment, from small to adult animals.

snail mucus italy

Snail mucus from natural breeding

The choice of outdoor cultivation significantly differentiates the Italian method from the approach adopted in other European countries such as France or Spain, where the snail is kept and bred in artificial conditions (in greenhouses, containers or indoors).

The company has over 30,000 square meters of snail farming for gastronomy with a full biological cycle (understood as the life cycle of a snail). The snail is a hermaphroditic mollusk: a double spawning is obtained from each fertilized pair. In the Italian climate, mating and laying of about 80-100 eggs per snail is generally twice a year. Sowing takes place in spring by sowing rape and Swiss chard



Are you a cosmetics technologist?

If you are a cosmetics technologist and develop their composition, our snail slime offer will surely meet your expectations. If you currently

snail mucus lab

snail mucus laboratory cosmetics

use snail slime in your cosmetics compositions, check how our slime works in this role, and we guarantee that changing recipes will do you good in terms of quality and price. Write to us and we will send you a sample of our mucus completely free of charge. In addition, you will receive a set of documents by email, i.e.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet under the trade name GENUINE-MUCUS ™ 100 and the INCI name “Snail Secretion Filtrate”
  • Technical specification of the raw cosmetic material
  • Laboratory tests of the composition of snail mucus
  • CRUELTY FREE certificate

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