Snail mucus – our advantages

snail mucus italy

A perfect product by nature

Many years of experience have allowed us to create an excellent raw material with unusual properties. This is snail slime, INCI: Snail Secretion Filtrate.

After more than 3 years of work, we are finally able to obtain a unique production method recognized as CRUELTY FREE, which guarantees ANALYTICAL REPEATABILITY of the product quality, with very high concentrations of active ingredients and a total bacterial load below 10 CFU / g.

Features that identify our product are:

Very high concentration of active ingredients contained in the snail’s mucus
Total bacterial load less than 100 CFU / gr (other specifications are less than 1,000 CFU / gr and our analyzes average less than 10 CFU / gr)
Natural preservative potassium sorbate in solid doses of 0.2%, suitable for both cosmetic use and consumption
Product traceability, which will always be accompanied by a complete Certificate of the production batch analysis carried out by the ACCREDITED Laboratory.
The daily production capacity is about 50 kg
Annual, cyclical analyzes of heavy metals.

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