Snail mucus – an innovative method of extraction

peptides in snail mucus

Advantages of our method

The history of our company is quite interesting, because it all started with snail farming, not with cosmetics. Although this entry will not be about it, it is worth mentioning that we know the culture from the inside out, which gave us an amazing advantage in the production of snail slime by a natural, safe method and, above all, without chemical interference, whether at the stage of breeding or at the stage of mucus collection. If you want to know our history, visit our website –

If we were to describe our method in 5 points, then:

The snails come from snail farming in the open air, fed with plants and vegetables.
Snails are not injured or irritated during the extraction process – the CRUELTY FREE method.
After the process, the snails return to the field where they lead their normal existence.
The obtained mucus is filtered, no chemicals are added.
Our mucus has a very high concentration of active ingredients, which is confirmed by numerous studies.

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