About us

Our brand was created with the cooperation of three European partners from: Poland, Italy and France. ASPERSA is therefore mix of Italian design with the French expertise in the field of heliciculture (edible snails breeding) and Polish production technology of natural cosmetics. Only this combination could guarantee us success in creating cosmetics that women seeking high-quality, natural origin and rapid effect of treatment, will love.

We specialize in cosmetics based solely on snail mucus, which has a proven strong anti-aging, anti-acne, and regenerating properties. We create innovative solutions for every skin type, combining high content of snail mucus with other natural ingredients to achieve the optim

Thanks to latest innovative technology developed after many years of experience in heliciculture, the acquired snail mucus is 100% pure, the richest in active ingredients and everything is done without any harm to the animals. The very important aspect for Aspersa brand is the natural origin of the active substances, but without harming the environment and animals.

Therefore, our products are preceded by a long process of selection of ingredients and careful development of the recipe. We deliver high quality, and thus, each product introduced by our firm helps to achieve beautiful and healthy skin in short time. We believe that the brand of ASPERSA will always be associated with the highest quality, which is worth seeking always.